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to boldly go where no one with half a brain would dare...

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Internet Radio From Outer Space!

*New!* Read the short that started it all, "Voyage of the Neophyte" by Pete Jorgensen. Inspired by the bands of CPR.


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Starship Prog "Signposts" Special!

Never has there been a more ambitious Starship Prog Script. With a cast of thousands spanning two universes, the scope is staggering. OK, would you believe a cast of ten or fifteen? Join Captain Thunder and Commander Khatru for this pivotal adventure. As the Starship is finally ready to leave spacedock after a year and a half of repairs, she is intersected by a wormhole from a distant planet named Earth. A strange visitor named Peter J appears carrying the master CD for a new album named "Signposts." Can the music of Vertical Alignment find a place in the Progiverse? Find out *now* by listening to the archived show!

The Vertical Alignment "Signposts" Adventure

Broadcast on May 12, 2006
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Starship Prog "Lord of the Rings" Special!

Learn what put the Starship into spacedock while enjoying music inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

"An Unexpected Adventure" broadcast Dec. 28, 2004: LOTR Special Part 1

"Fellowship of the CD" broadcast Jan. 18, 2005: LOTR Special Part 2


"Retracting the String" broadcast Jan. 25, 2005: LOTR Special Part 3


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